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  Swerve & Renaissance
   ~ Imagination is fuel

   The following are available via :

–         Uplift                  Swerve.Land                   11 short films                info about the Swerve Network
–        Grace               Therapeutic XR                                                       Enviro & Social Initiatives
–        Grace               Therapeutic XR                                                           Billion Trees Project

                 Click here    to go to

Resonance : If what we are advancing resonates with you, and you want to support our vision,
go to our Support Swerve.Org section, under Vision, on the menu bar.
Access : We currently offer customized subscription packages for access to our initiatives thru the Swerve Network.
We tailor each subscription package to reflect your interests and priorities and budget.
We currently allocate 10% to 20% of sales of our subscription packages to a range of Enviro & Social initiatives.

More info available on, or you can reach out to us for more info, thru our > contact page on Swerve.Org.

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