SApril 2022.

– Initiatives Overview – 
Uplift  &  Swerve.Land        Grace  &  Therapeutic XR         Enviro & Social         Plant Trees
xx→  Swerve.com goes into more detail about the above.  See Swerve + on the menu bar.
xx→   See X on the menu bar for info about our Trees initiative.

Cause it feels good.
A plethora of good vibes, short films & more.
The world needs more uplift.

Life        Getting Older        ALS
Various short films, writing, design, digital posters & campaigns.

Enviro & Social
Let’s make the world a better place.
Scroll down ↓ to see the visual quality we are working at with our apps

You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?   –  Rumi

Screenshot from the Swerve.Land realtime 3d alpha demo app.
An upcoming version of the app will work on laptops, tablets, VR & AR.
Swerve.Land is being built using the Swerve Platform.
Swerve.Org is using the Swerve Platform for our immersive studio & virtual headquarters.
More info about all of the above can be found at Swerve + on the menu bar.

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