SApril 2022.

  –  Intro  – 
Welcome to Swerve.Org.
We work closely with Renaissance & Swerve.
Swerve.Org’s role is to identify and promote Enviro & Social Initiatives,
and integrate aspects of this mandate within Renaissance & Swerve, and related ventures.
Team, contact and dev roadmap info are under  ✦ H  on the menu bar. 

The Swerve.Org website gives a basic overview of what Swerve.Org is doing.
Swerve.com : More detailed info about our Enviro & Social initiatives can be found on our Swerve.com website.
See Swerve + on the menu bar.

There is some complexity and reach woven into our core mandate.
Certain key areas are being prioritized for launch, dev & expansion over the next 3 to 24 months.
As well, we also take a longer term view on our core vision and it’s advancement : 5 years.
(This is a beta version of our site. More refining is in the works. The site is designed for laptops and tablets. An upgrade is coming, that will be phone friendly.)
Scroll down ↓ to see a screenshot from the Swerve.Land virtual studio & office.


Screenshot from the Renaissance & Swerve.Land realtime interactive virtual studio & HQ.
The Swerve.Org team sometimes meets in this virtual space.
Renaissance Network subscribers will be able to explore this space, and other visually beautiful spaces like this.
You will be able to explore using your laptop, tablet, or using VR or AR glasses.

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