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Trees are very important for a range of reasons, including carbon sequestering / carbon mitigation.
Climate change is an urgent & major issue. Planting many trees is one part of a multi-pronged effort.
Reducing our global carbon footprint is vital.
Swerve & Renaissance, & our upcoming partners are advancing an initiative to plant 1 billion trees across multiple countries.
Our target is to have 1 billion new trees planted by 2030. That said, it’s obviously preferable to reach this target sooner.
With this in mind, we have also set a secondary accelerated target of 5 to 7 years. Ideally, by the end of 2027.
 Orgs   :   Links to two Tree Orgs we will donate to   →     Eden Reforestation Projects        Trees for the Future
……………….          ……(Additional Orgs are under consideration)
Tree Costs
Current approximate cost of planting each tree/seedling ranges from 15 cents to 25 cents per tree. (US$).
The cost depends on which Org we are working with, and the country where the trees are being planted.
A significant focus of our initial planting will be focused on projects that have 15 cent costs for planting each seedling.
Tree costs below are based on 80% of trees at 15 cents per tree, and 20% of trees at 25 cents per tree.
5% of sales from our Swerve Network subscriptions & upcoming sales related to V World are designated for our Trees initiative.
1st Milestone : 25 Million Trees Planted.
Our first milestone target is the planting of 25 million trees. Estimated cost is $4.25 million dollars. (US$)
2nd Milestone : 50 Million Total Trees Planted.
Our 2nd milestone target is the planting of another 25 million trees. Estimated cost is $4.25 million dollars. (US$)
3rd Milestone : 100 Million Total Trees Planted.
Our 3rd milestone target is the planting of another 50 million trees. Estimated cost is $8.5 million dollars. (US$)
* See additional milestones further down this page.
As per the 3 Milestones above, our plan is to reach these targets via our own initiatives…
+ We are Collaborating :
We will be collaborating with a significant number of companies & people to reach our targets faster.
Renaissance and these companies & people will support our Tree Planting Org partners with financial contributions.

Orgs That Plant Trees
We will be partnering with a number of different Orgs that have the capacity to plant our tree targets.
Two of the Orgs we will be partnering with have smart strategies that also benefit the local population,
by including food growing and income generation in their strategies.

Swerve & Renaissance
Swerve & Renaissance will make direct financial contributions to the various Orgs we are working with :
–  Subscriptions : We give 5% of our Access / Network subscription sales to our Tree Planting Org partners.
–  V World : We will give 5% of our upcoming V World sales to our Tree Planting Org partners.

Planting Milestones : 
Our initiative has 6 planting milestone targets :
1.     25 million trees
2.     50 million trees
3.   100 million trees
4.   250 million trees
5.   500 million trees
6.     1 billion trees


                   “The forests are the lungs of the world” – Woody Harrelson

* Swerve & Renaissance know that protecting existing forests is vital. Alongside of supporting the planting of trees,
we will also be supporting nature conservancy Orgs, thru our general Enviro & Social Impact initiatives.
See Enviro & Social Impact under X, on the menu bar.
If you have any questions, or if you or your company want to be part of this initiative  > Contact us here
A really good way to contribute to the Billion Trees Project is to subscribe to the Swerve Network.
See Swerve + on the menu bar … & Renaissance

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